Refund Policy

In what instances are refunds available?

Refunds are only available when;

1. Rollerzone fails to provide a service due to circumstances outside of its control. Such as closure of the venue due to a major issue or defect.

2. If there are extraordinary circumstances in relation to a consumer such as medical emergency or injury which may cause a consumer to not be able to skate for an extended period of time.

What is the cancellation policy?

– If a consumer requests a cancellation after a deposit is placed Rollerzone will credit the value of the deposit towards 1. Another party 2. Lessons 3. Skating at a Session.

– Consumers must be certain with their booking prior to placing a deposit.

What happens if someone isn’t happy with the service after the lesson or party?

– If a consumer is not happy with the service during a lesson or party they need to make a duty manager aware of the circumstances in which they are not happy and allow Rollerzone the opportunity to appease the consumer.

– If Rollerzone fails to satisfy the consumer after every effort is exhausted, then management will determine whether compensation in relation to a discount or partial refund is suitable. This will be determined on a case by case basis.

When  will compensation not be provided?

– If Rollerzone has provided a service as described and fulfilled its obligations as advertised and stated to consumers through print or online documentation, then a consumer will not be eligible for refund or compensation.

– Rollerzone urges consumers to communicate to its management should satisfaction not be met.

– Consumers once engaged with Rollerzone for a “Service” Must ensure that if not satisfied with that service they provide Rollerzone with the opportunity to make good and DO NOT defame Rollerzone on Social Media or other Media Outlets. Rollerzone will under those circumstances reserve the right to take legal action.

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