Delivery Information

How this Store Works

This store provides “Services” only for Rollerzone Malaga – ABN: 54158560322

These services include but are not limited to; Training time, floor rental, function hire, birthday party bookings, venue bookings and hire.

Booking a Service

Once a service has been paid for it will be logged into our booking system. If further information is required you will be contacted.

Customers will also receive a receipt and confirmation from this store for your records.

Payment Dates

For Training;

Payments usually fall due monthly or weekly depending on the membership issued by our venue reception.

Some payments may be “adhoc” based on individual requirements or whereas an external coach is onsite. This could mean in some instances that a payment will only be required upon each individual session.

For Parties;

Deposits are required within 3 Days of a booking

All final online payments must be made up until at least 24 hours prior to the booking.

Final payments can also be made in person at the venue.

Overdue or Non-Payments

All over due accounts are first issued with a reminder and contacted by our office. If the customer fails to make payment within 7 Days of issues, the account will be referred for collection or to magistrates court for civil proceeding.

Further information on “Training” or “Parties”

This can be found on our main website

Customers can also refer to the FAQ section if they cannot find answers in a specific category.

Please contact our Office should you require any further information –

Phone: 1300 442 100


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